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Orange-coloured day

June 5, 2024

hear the new blue bird whistle out her first songfrom the tree that’ll be here long after we’re gonethe curlicue twirl of a butterfly’s gracewatch her work the day away just to stay in one place it takes an orange-coloured day in a summer-end displayin the wisdom of it all singularity’s so small hear the […]


May 14, 2024

don’t give me a signcause i’m not waitingfor you to say that i’m what you need, tryna take some time just for me and don’t drop me a linecause honey i don’t want you wasting your time we’ve been here before there’s nothing good can come from youi’ve shown you the door cause i know […]


May 14, 2024

i will not mourn the hours when waking i did dreammy shoulder and your shadow and the golden seam betweenwhile at my loom a-weaving my tapestries of lightyou placed your hand on mine and there was spun a web of nightweb of night enthralled by the dissonance that’s living innight visions of your hand in […]


May 8, 2024

rises the moon days seem sometimes as if they’ll never endsun digs its heels to taunt youbut after sunlit days, one thing stays the samerises the moon days fade into a watercolour blurmemories swim and haunt youbut look into the lake, shimmering like smokerises the moon oh close your weary eyesi promise you that soon […]

I wish for the rain

May 8, 2024

i wish for the rain whenever you goand i’m digging my grave after the showonly drifting awayunder street lamps drowning out all of the starsthat might’ve been guiding my way back home walk in the rain with nobody therebut a simple refrain, a chill in the airand a moon hanging palecasting shadows over the cobblestone […]